Big claw backs in rights & compensation proposed

University proposals target benefits, faculty professional rights, paid educational leave, regularization, and democratic workplace

On Friday, February 6, the University Administration issued a negotiation package with the largest claw back of faculty rights and compensation in the history of contract negotiations at Capilano University. Ironic, since the University knew how important many of these issues were, having insisted on receiving contract language before presenting their proposals!

We encourage everyone to read the text of the University package which will be posted on the Faculty Association web site later in the week. Below is a summary of the most egregious parts of the University's plan to lessen our rights, erode our status as professionals, and make us pay for the operation of the university and the cost of transforming it to implement the strategic and academic plans.

Partial tuition reimbursement for dependents of reg faculty - applications available soon

Once each term, dependents of regular faculty members are invited to apply for the CFA Award, which consists of partial reimbursement for standard tuition fees. The application deadline is generally two or three weeks after the add/drop date and has, until this term, been administered through Cap's Financial Aid and Awards office.

Although the award will continue to be managed by the CFA, the financial disbursement will no longer be generated by Financial Aid and Awards but rather through another accounting arm of the University.

Faculty reps needed for board of governors and senate - deadline Feb 2

Capilano University is poised to elect its next group of senators and board reps. Each Faculty is represented by two elected senators while faculty in general is represented at the board by a total of two elected members. If there was ever a time the university needed your input in shaping its direction, the time is now! Your faculty association executive encourages all members of the association to give some serious thought to running for one of these august bodies.

Faculty-elected senators address membership at GM on Tues

Be sure to attend Tuesday's general meeting in LB 322 from 11:40 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. Faculty's elected senators will be part of a panel addressing issues related to (1) the board's policy on discontinuance of programs or courses and (2) the strategic plan (third draft). The senate will meet Tuesday afternoon to continue drafting recommendations for the board, which will meet on November 18, 2014, to review senate's recommendations.

Strategic plan all-campus discussion, Tues, Oct 21, 11:30

Staff, faculty, admin, and students are all encouraged to attend the strategic plan Q+A in the Blueshore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts (Birch theatre) on Tues, Oct 21, 2014, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A representative from the strategic planning committee, students' union, faculty association, and admin will each be given five minutes for opening statements before the floor is opened for questions and comments. For further details, check your faculty email from Brent Calvert, which was sent on Thurs, Oct 16, 2014.


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