Jan 26 - first in Cap Universe series: From Eden to ISIL

Dr. Leonard George, chair of the psychology department at Capilano University, teaches a range of courses and organizes the annual Capilano Universe presentation series, which is free and open to everyone.

The first lecture From Eden to ISIL: the eternal war for control of the imagination  will be presented at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Drive, from 7 - 8:45 p.m., Tues, Jan 26, 2016.

In his description, Leonard refers to an old truth: "You can conquer with violence and fear; but to sustain victory, you must conquer from inside – you must rule the imagination. You must make it hard to imagine that things could be different. Imagination has the power to harm and heal, link and divide, enslave and free. In this presentation we will survey some of the ways that imagination’s power has been used through the centuries, and some of the battles for control of this power."

For more info about the series, contact lgeorge@capilanou.ca.