Letter of support from VCC

Letter of support (verbatim): To  the members of the Capilano Faculty Association

It was inspiring to walk a bit of your picket line and witness your resolve and good spirits. The organized mass support of the COPE 378 brothers and sisters was also heartening to see.  Have no doubt that decades from now this action will resonate as the correct and proper stance in face of the disrespectful, corportizing and privatizing moves of the Capilano administration.  

It's no accident that the CapFA is local one of FPSE.  It was there at the beginning and has always had a leadership role in the struggle to maintain the original, access-oriented nature of the post-secondary system in BC.  It has always championed and exemplified a flatter, faculty-engaged approach to college/university governance and administration.

Those principles are not those of the current BC government but the Capilano administration has gone further by taking the lead in attacking them.  To strike for those principles, without money on the table, is a rare and admirable thing.  It sets a very high, inspiring standard.  This government and this current administration will pass, but those principles must prevail.

Best wishes and support from the executive and membership of the VCC Faculty Association. 

In Solidarity, Frank Cosco, VCCFA  Bargaining Chair, FPSE Second VP