Withholding grades before withholding teaching

Thank you to faculty for attending the Tuesday, March 31 meeting. We acknowledge these are difficult times for us all. Our first form of escalating job action was announced.

"Withholding Grades Before Withholding Teaching"

We will continue to teach classes. We will continue to mark assignments, and even return assignments with comments attached. We will not assign letter or numeric grades, and we will not record grades in any digital or centralized grade books, nor will we report grades to the administration.

The Capilano Faculty Association will be providing members with stickers to add to any printed materials returned to students. While we are removing quantitative feedback, we encourage you to provide students with qualitative feedback.

Quantitative grading should be manually recorded on paper. The Capilano Faculty Association will be providing manila envelopes for you to keep your grades, and we recommend that you keep your grade envelope with you when you leave the campus.

It is important to remember that negotiations have not broken off, but that we are at a critical phase, and the best way to achieve a speedy and satisfactory conclusion to these negotiations is by pressuring administration with job action. Solidarity of action at this phase is essential.

Apart from withholding grades, we will escalate job action April 7th. Please watch your email for further updates as negotiations proceed.


Brent Calvert
CFA President