Capilano Faculty Association’s International Human Rights Day Teach-In

 Dear Colleagues, With gratitude to Eduardo for his support and encouragement, I'm very happy to share with you the invitation to our International Human Rights Day Teach-In, Friday, December 9th, 5 — 7 pm, at the Shipyards Campus.  Laura Track, one of Canada's leading human rights educators and analysts, will be joining us.  Her keynote will feature a close reading of the BCHRT’s seminal ruling Nelson v. Goodberry.  The Hon. Rachna Singh, Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-Racism, will also be joining us.  I am hopeful that, in addition to our own members, leaders from other FPSE locals and the wider community will feel welcomed to take part.  This event should be especially of service to stewards and 3Cs.

It is by invitation only, through this unpublished Eventbrite link:

Please claim your place as your schedules allow, and share it with people you trust. Seating is limited to 35.  
Dr. Michael Markwick