Tell us what's on your mind

Add your voice to the CFA survey on faculty morale, collegiality, leadership and job satisfaction. "We are listening," says Janet Waters, CFA treasurer and co-author of the survey.

On Oct 3, each faculty member was sent an individualized SurveyMonkey link to the Climate Survey, to take the temperature of faculty morale. A reminder was sent via SurveyMonkey on Oct 16. If you haven’t yet answered the survey, you have till the 26th do to so.  Click the link in the email to access the survey. (A further Climate Survey on other faculty issues, such as workload, stress, and work/life balance, will be distributed later in the term.)

Your participation is voluntary and anonymous - the survey has been set up so your responses cannot be associated with you as an individual in any way. All data will be aggregated.

The survey should take only 15-20 minutes to complete, so don’t delay! Find that email from the 16th, and click the SurveyMonkey link. The CFA executive team wants to hear from you.  If you have questions about the survey, contact Dr. Janet Waters at