Squamish chamber pres tells Board of phone call asking him not to attend town hall

At Cap's Board of Governors meeting on Tues, Nov 19, 2013, Chris Pettingill, president of the Squamish Chamber of Commerce, was in the audience and was given a chance to speak. Mr. Pettingill's organization is a member of the Blue Ribbon Committee and he was a panelist at a recent event held in North Vancouver titled "Reconnecting the Community with Capilano University."  Mr. Pettingill told the Board that (click heading for more) he found the event of significant value and he hoped Cap's Board members would attend future Blue Ribbon events. He also expressed disappointment that no one from Capilano University‚Äôs administration accepted the invitation to participate in the event.

Mr. Pettigill then informed the Board that he had been contacted by a high-level representative of the University (whom he chose not to name) prior to the Nov 13 community gathering. This representative of the university had strongly encouraged him and his organization to withdraw from Blue Ribbon committee activities and not to attend the Nov 13 town hall event. This was a serious disappointment to Mr. Pettingill and something he felt the Board should be made aware of.