Spread the word - search on for new vp academic & provost

On Oct 23, 2012, reps from the executive search firm Pinton Forrest & Madden (PFM) met with faculty during the CFA meeting block time to ask about the qualities faculty would like to see in their new VP. Here is a partial list.

Someone who

  • has a strong university background
  • Is committed to moving forward
  • is energetic, open, communicative, and believes in true consultation
  • is not a bureaucrat
  • will create opportunities for campus-wide cross fertilization
  • will take campus lecturers and activities to the community (as Jackie Snodgrass did with the Capilano Universe series )
  • will continue progressing with First Nations'  educational needs, ensuring higher enrolment, and increasing the number of aboriginal graduates
  • has experienced successes in a smaller university and knows how to create new, innovative programs – not someone who will turn Cap into a "Tonka-toy UBC"
  • knows BC politics and appreciates the Canadian education system
  • understands  the importance of serving outlying community campuses
  • has an academic background and recent teaching experience so is very well acquainted with the needs of a learning institution; will continue to place emphasis on learning, not research
  • has a PhD, thus establishing credibility with community professionals and comfort with other VPs in the sector
  • does not necessarily have a PhD but lots of classroom experience
  • is innovative around the use of declining resources
  • has the ability to release new energy and inspire creativity on campus – can find ways to make things happen, not prevent them from starting
  • is proactive in building bridges between faculties
  • has experience working in a contractual (union) environment.

If you or someone you know embodies these qualities, please encourage them to contact PFM's associate partner Esther McGregor, esther@pfmsearch.com.