Should they stay or should they go? The goes have it.

On May 1, 2014, a motion for a vote of non-confidence in the Capilano University president from the floor of the faculty association's annual general meeting was passed unanimously. This motion did not emerge out of a vacuum. The results of a two-part climate survey to assess faculty satisfaction with the work environment at Capilano University indicate a staggering loss of confidence in administration since the last climate survey in 2008. Results from the study show significant dissatisfaction with upper levels of administration. To the statement “Decisions by top levels of administration are collegial,” 84 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed. To the statement “The President’s leadership is inspiring and visionary,” 80 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed while only 6 per cent agreed. Only 8 per cent agreed the president provides effective leadership. Capilano University’s board needs to act in the best interest of the university and restore confidence in the functioning of the institution. If the highest levels of the current administration cannot restore trust and confidence in collegial processes with the faculty, staff, and students, it must be replaced.