Responsible reporting encouraged excellent survey response rate

Thanks to the many faculty who participated in the CFA Climate Survey, we received an excellent response rate. Part 1 of the survey is now closed - Part 2 on work and workloads will open in late November.

Part 1 highlights will be noted at tomorrow's General Meeting in LB 322, and  details will be posted soon.

The survey was developed using questions common to standardized university climate surveys used elsewhere in order to be objective and avoid question bias, and to enable comparisons to the results of previous surveys. As noted in the informed consent statement, to conform to research ethic requirements, the survey was set up in a way to ensure the identity of respondents could not be discovered, to strictly safeguard their anonymity. Each subject could only respond once, using individual coded links, and only aggregated data has been used.

Overall, the CFA Climate Survey found that faculty are very satisfied with the levels of autonomy, collegiality, support, respect and good relationships with other faculty and staff at the departmental and divisional level, and also within the CFA itself.

There is significant dissatisfaction with the leadership and decision making, and the lack of collegiality, support, and respect from the administration. Compared to the 2008 Mercer survey, there has been a significant decrease in key indicators of job satisfaction, faculty morale, and organizational commitment.