No consultation from president's admin, says letter to board

In the North Shore News article noted below, Jane Shackell, chair of Cap U's board of governors, is quoted as saying, "The board has complete confidence in Dr. Bulcroft."

In response to Jane Shackell's quoted reaction(s) to the "retiree" letter (below), the Faculty Association's president, Joanne Quirk, delivered a letter to board members before their meeting on October 8. The CFA letter, attached here, emphatically stresses the need for true consultation, noting that budget restrictions, though to some degree real, are being used as a smokescreen for program cuts and hidden agendas.

Joanne believes that while apparently supporting President Bulcroft, the board, collectively, does not want to see a repeat of last year's unrest. The Faculty Association's executive team members think the way to harmony on campus is via transparency and consultation, not top-down decision-making.

Will collegiality be reinstated? Trust someday restored? Stay tuned.