Links to action and faction

In a follow-up to yesterday’s special meeting, these are the main links that attendees wanted  publicized most heavily:

  • – meaningful statements and videos; clearing house for the various groups, should be broadcast widely to members.
  • – FPSE-sponsored site that encourages pausing the budget process for proper consultation
  • – for wide distribution to students, staff, faculty, alumni and others; encourage them to tell their stories of Cap experiences
  •  – sample letters with names and contact links to political parties and Cap’s Board of Governors.

Other valuable links, letters & docs (also check forum posts on the right for new links)
Letter of expectations from the Ministry – Fran Corlett, exec assist to president and Board – Robin Brayne, chair, Board of Governors
Letter of support from president of EmilyCarr Faculty Association
Letter from Stacey Lobin, textile arts transfer to Emily Carr
Articulation motions of support
Letter to Senate & Board from coordinators of Cap School of Art & Design
I belong at Capilano-U video response by Community Outreach & Development (CDO)
Robin Brayne's response to students with disabilities liaison
Frank Harris' presentation to students, staff, faculty on May 9, 2013