CFA climate survey results

Dr. Janet Waters and the CFA Climate Survey Committee recently conducted a two-phase survey to “take the temperature” of employee levels of job satisfaction, morale, and organizational commitment. This is the first faculty climate survey at Capilano University since the 2008 Mercer survey. Yet surveys like this one and the 2008 Mercer survey help to ensure organizations are achieving institutional goals such as increasing job satisfaction and commitment, ensuring adequate work/life

balance, performance evaluation and professional development, effective leadership and communication, and decreasing discrimination and stress.

CFA faculty climate survey (part 1)

The first survey deals with factors related to job satisfaction and faculty morale. The report on the results from this survey are available here: CFA Faculty Climate Survey Report.

Faculty satisfaction with CFA survey

Since the CFA plays such a central role in the collegial model, part of the survey deals with faculty satisfaction with their union and its executive. The report on the results from this survey are available to faculty only: Report on Faculty Satisfaction with the CFA.

CFA faculty climate survey (part 2)

The report for this phase of the survey will be available soon.