Budget solution-planning in progress - forum on Cap U site

At today's special General Meeting in CE 148, with approximately 80 members in attendance, Tammy Towill, Senate budget advisory committee member, filled in for chair Leighan Crowe by responding to two hours of questions and comments regarding process and next steps.

With the understanding that committee meetings are in camera, faculty members voted in favor of two related motions: (1) to request that a CFA executive member be invited to attend and participate in budget advisory committee meetings as a guest resource person and observer; and (2) to appoint a second faculty member with specialized technical knowledge of IT issues to act as a guest resource person regarding IT budget items. The request has been sent to the advisory committee chair.

Meanwhile, the committee has dedicated space on the University's website specifically for suggestions to decrease expenses and/or increase revenue.

As directed by the Board of Governors, the goal now is to “attempt to balance the 2013-14 budget without cuts to programs and sections in order to allow the next year for consultation.”

To reach the input form and various budget links, visit this page: http://www.capilanou.ca/SBACbudgetfeedback/.