Board set to approve reserve funds for capital projects

In June, the Capilano University Board of Governors approved cuts totaling eight per cent of Cap's classes to relieve a two per cent deficit of $1.2 million. On Wednesday, July 3, in an extraordinary meeting, the Board will be asked to approve dipping into unrestricted reserve funds for over $1 million in the upcoming year and almost $3 million the following year for capital projects.

Therefore, it seems the budget shortfall of $1.2 million could have been realized without destroying spaces for 400 full-time students. 

This request to use unrestricted reserve funds is also in the context of the administration’s warning to expect additional cuts of 10 to 15 per cent next year. It seems, given the nature and timing of this request during the vacation period, that the administration will continue not to follow past process, including consulting with its Faculties on issues that have significant impact on education at Capilano University.

The CFA calls on the Boad to defer this decision until a university-wide process of deliberation has taken place. All such major decisions should be the result of a legitimate collective decision-making process.

Read the proposed motion as outlined in Wednesday's Board of Governors' agenda, and view past minutes on the university's website: