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This Collective Agreement, April 1, 2014, to March 31, 2019, was posted on Capilano University's website on February 23, 2016, and the CFA is posting it at the same time here, as a resource. However, the CFA's chief negotiator, Ed Lavalle, would like to point out that there are articles currently in the grievance process, some of which are noted in the paragraphs below.

Under dispute and grieved: CFA did not agree to eliminate the clauses below. The Employer has unilaterally removed these clauses notwithstanding it withdrew proposals on Executive administrators and other administrators (those not reporting directly to the President). Selection of administrators is a duty of the University Board. Such appointments shall only be made after a Search Committee has recommended an appointee to the Board. The Committee shall be comprised of an equal number of members of the Union and the Administration. The Union shall select its members for such committees. In addition to the members so selected, a chairperson shall be named by the President. The chairperson shall be non-voting. Staff and/or student representatives may be invited to join such a Committee. In the event that such additional representatives do join the Committee, the number of representatives from each additional constituency shall not exceed the number of Faculty Union representatives on the Committee. Although appointments will normally be made from the names submitted by the Search Committee, the Board may appoint any candidate whose application has been placed before the Search Committee. Further, the names of all qualified internal candidates, whether or not they hold acting appointments, shall be included in the recommendations referred to above.

CFA did agree to several new clauses giving recognition to Deans, but as an addition.

If you have questions, please refer to Negotiating Team Bulletin #26, Feb 23, 2016, sent via email to your inbox by the chief negotiator on Feb 24, 2016. You may also contact the chief negotiator by email:

Contact the chief steward, Joanne Quirk, if you have questions about the collective or common agreement.