Jan 26, 2015

Capilano University is poised to elect its next group of senators and board reps. Each Faculty is represented by two elected senators while faculty in general is represented at the board by a total of two elected members. If there was ever a time the university needed your input in shaping its direction, the time is now! Your faculty association executive encourages all members of the association to give some serious thought to running for one of these august bodies.

Visit the frontlines links below to review the roles for each group. Consider being part of the decision-making process and think about the part you could play in guiding this institution toward a healthy, sustainable future.

Governance: http://frontlines.capilanou.ca/administration/governance/Governance/

Board Elections: http://www.capilanou.ca/board-elections/

Senate Elections: http://www.capilanou.ca/senate-elections/.

Jan 26, 2015

Once each term, dependents of regular faculty members are invited to apply for the CFA Award, which consists of partial reimbursement for standard tuition fees. The application deadline is generally two or three weeks after the add/drop date and has, until this term, been administered through Cap's Financial Aid and Awards office.

Although the award will continue to be managed by the CFA, the financial disbursement will no longer be generated by Financial Aid and Awards but rather through another accounting arm of the University.

Application forms will be posted here (Forms link on the left side) and a reminder will be sent by email to all faculty soon. UPDATE: Jan 28, 2015. The forms are now posted. Click the left side Forms link.

Jan 22, 2015

More than 40 people – including former and current faculty members and two previous Cap presidents – contributed to The Dialogue Continues: Tales from the Making of Capilano College.

The book is a collection of stories, thoughts, photos, and notes that illustrate the creativity, ingenuity, and cooperation behind the programs that defined Capilano College. 

Members were invited to meet with CFA alumni and receive their copy last year at the CFA's Annual General Meeting. Faculty who were unable to obtain their free copy then may collect one now, in person, at the chief steward's office in Fir 501g.

For additional copies, a suggested $10 donation to offset printing costs is requested. The bookstore price is $19.95.

Jan 22, 2015

From Joanne Quirk, CFA's chief steward: After facilitating the bullying workshops it became clear that many of you did not know Peter Hedley, Manager of Student Affairs. I invited Peter to post the following message on our web site as a way of raising awareness of his role and the support he can provide to faculty. ...Read more

Jan 14, 2015

For minutes, agenda and meeting details, watch for an email from the CFA's president, Brent Calvert. At the meeting, Brent will provide details of an upcoming public awareness campaign that focuses on the future of post-secondary education.

Dec 16, 2014

Watch your mailbox the end of December for the January 6, 2015, agenda from CFA president Brent Calvert. And call the CFA office at 604-984-4948 if you have any queries for the executive team.

Dec 1, 2014

There will be a CFA general meeting in LB 322 from 11:40 - 12:50, on Tues, Dec 2, 2014. To view an agenda and minutes, check your in box for a Nov 28 email from Brent Calvert.

Nov 24, 2014

The stewards' meeting and 3Cs (chairs, coordinators, convenors) roundtable, normally scheduled for the fourth Tuesday, have both been cancelled. There will, however, be a general meeting for all faculty members on the first Tuesday of next month, December 2. And, barring an emergency, that's it for 2014!

Nov 14, 2014

Check your email dated November 14, 2014, from the CFA's president, Brent Calvert, for the November 18 agenda. On Tuesday, chief negotiator Ed Lavalle, and the negotiating team, will provide important information pertaining to this round of bargaining. All attendees must sign in.

Nov 3, 2014

Be sure to attend Tuesday's general meeting in LB 322 from 11:40 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. Faculty's elected senators will be part of a panel addressing issues related to (1) the board's policy on discontinuance of programs or courses and (2) the strategic plan (third draft). The senate will meet Tuesday afternoon to continue drafting recommendations for the board, which will meet on November 18, 2014, to review senate's recommendations. For a full agenda and copies of the discussion documents, check your email for a message from Brent Calvert, CFA President, October 30, 2014.